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Nov 7, 2012 10:00pm EST
around." around."boehner says: "the question we should be asking & is not 'which taxes should i raise to get more revenue,' but rather: 'which reformsscan we agree on that will get our economy moving again?" &pagain?" 3 many economists warn ii ground oo the fiscal liif &pduring this lame-duck session, it could potentiallypllnge the countryybbcc into a -3 recession... 3 some americans... had... the opportunity... to cast their ballotss./ in... some pretty unusual places tuesday. tuesday. in san fraaciico... a handful of locals got to vote at a columbarium... which ps a building housing urns - deceased. in chicago... a polling stttion was set up onnthe top floor of a 43-story skyscraper. 3 peterson says: "i kind of like it. the occupants here are very, veryyquiet. they bother obody." nobody." also n san francisco... a polling station inside a laundromat.and in -3 venice beach... reeidents were able to vote t the p3 an ohio woman... 3& who drove on a sidewalk... in order to avoid a stopped bus... gets an unuuuul punis
Nov 14, 2012 10:00pm EST
reducing the deficit." deficit."sot - boehner says: "... we'rr not going to hurt our economyyand make job creetion more difficult, which is exactly what that plan would do." &pdo.""the... top republicca... in the senaae... says.../ just... raising taxes... on... upper income americans... does not add up. &pmaryland... has... now joined... a... long list ...of states... to....withdraw... from the u-s! u-s!mmranda stephens is live the petiiion's going so far... and why some say it's not a bad idea. tte white hoose created a "we the peeple" section on its web citizens a stronger voice in government. and boy have thh people spoken!maryland now has ... online signatures calling number is quickky growing! growingg it's known as the free staae....but could maryland sson be free from the united states?! 9:57 i think it's crazy 58 13:23 it is funny. it'' more of a joke it seems like (laughs) 26maryland is sttrted online petitions to ve - responseeto the reeelection of all being donn throughhan opee white-house-dot-gov... which allows citizens to reate petitions about nythinn... and get an offici
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2